Friday, January 10, 2014


Not posting because too busy, too lazy, and forgot about this page. But today I really feel bored and this is the first thing I want to do. Write in this blog. *type

Long day already gone, I already saw some people changed, but some still the same. Friends become enemy, enemy become strangers. But also have a lot of friends who still support what I do.

And last year, I already got a job. Working in parents office doesn't help anything. But if work with another will make new problem. I must wait until next year. No one will recruit me if they know I must to quit in the end of the year.
This year will be the most busy year. I must find a hotel to internship next year. And I want to choose big hotel. So I can get more experience there. And also...

Away from hometown, alone.

Too hard to work here, to survive with all I can't survived.