Thursday, April 14, 2011


 will know you, trust you, love you, respect you, honor you, support you, want you, and appreciate YOU.
 doesn't show you his love in material things or public acts of affection.When you are alone is what really matters.
 will do whatever it takes to please his matter what! No excuses!
 can melt your heart with one smile, one look, one touch, one kiss.
 supports his woman endlessly and adds love to her dreams to make them come true!
 would NEVER cheat on you
 doesn't lie to his lady... even if he knows it will hurt her. Honesty is the foundation to a good relationship.
's main goal is to make his girl happy, not frustrated
 might not be the man now but with your help, can be the man soon.
 makes his girl feel like the queen she is!

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