Tuesday, March 22, 2011

COME BACK \( ͡ ᴈ͡ )/

i'm online now after got some refreshing with mom and him.
we went to watch a cinema "Public Enemy Number One"
Diangkat dari kisah nyata tentang penjahat keji di Perancis tahun 70-an, Jacques Mesrine. Ia memimpin perampokan bank dan penculikan, melarikan diri dari penjara dan membunuh kurang lebih 39 orang
went to entrance with my mom,her friends and him.
and today i must back to school. holiday is over.
got an english test but i can't
now i continuing to watch korean drama "Secret Garden"
Secret Garden (시크릿 가든)
it's about Fantasy melodrama about the happenings and love within the entertainment world and reality

and absent from fitness cause he got flu and headache -_-
get well soon dear ! iloveyou 

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